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As an entrepreneur, a yoga teacher, and a mama of two, I’ve learned time and time again that happiness is found in moments of alignment.

Passion teaches us to do what we love. Yet life doesn’t always teach us kindly how not to ruin our passions. Sometimes we need an influx of new knowledge or just a bit of directional guidance to find clarity. Let’s do what we love, but not forget how to love what we do.

I’d be honored to help you find alignment in your passion, your work, and your Self.

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Dear Friend,

Creating balance within ourselves, family lives, and careers is challenging but vital.

I first found alignment through my yoga practice. What began as a physical connection then overflowed into other aspects of being. Adopting a meditation practice gave rise to self care and emotional growth. From there I discovered a sense of connection and compassion which then evolved my relationships.

Reflecting over the last few years of growth, I’m grateful that living my passion gave me a career which constantly renews the gift of awareness and practice of accountability. As a teacher, my favorite part of the journey is in guiding others towards this very same alignment.

I’d be honored to help you discover alignment in your passion, your work, and your Self. I look forward to connecting with you!



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