Foundational 200-HR & Advanced 300-HR
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my immersive trainings have been postponed. 
Please note that new training dates will be announced when it is safe for students to join me in person.

Training Overview




Advance your practice by cultivating strength, flexibility & the mind-body connection


This program is designed for serious students as well as aspiring teachers. 

Develop a complete understanding of alignment and muscular engagement to flow safely through a deeper practice. Delve daily into the architecture of asanas to connect anatomy to movement. Discover custom modifications for different bodies. Build confidence with multiple hands-on approaches. Acquire a practice knowledge of cues and sequencing. Gain an overview into the modern business landscape of yoga.

Leave will al the skills to teach and build your business. Or join us to simply discover yourself through a deeper practice and to find lifelong friends.



Delve deeply into building strength in technique across body, mind & community


This program is designed for yoga teachers or serious students with a strong foundation.

Learn to align passions with strengths, diversify your practice, cultivate the mind and accelerate your network. Learn the technical precision behind verbal cues, discover adjustments for fine-tuning the architecture of asanas, customize modifications for injury care and acquire a practiced understanding in your own body of the answers you've sought.

Advance your business acumen with a global mindset. Expect to leave with a new network of support and inspiration. Discover your truth as a teacher and entrepreneur.


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